fastest browser??!!

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  1. so firefox sucks? damn, thats what i use. :(
  2. Turn off javascript, problem solved.

    Have another browser for the few worthwile websites that need javascript and flash, like YouTube.

    Avoid all other time-wasting websites with bloatware scripts and flash ads.

    Personally I do most browsing with javascript-off and ActiveX plugins-off. I don't use some interesting websites like Disqus and Scribd for this reason, too slow: slow loading slow scripts, I don't care.
  3. I prefer to use Google Chrome. I don't like to use Internet Explorer and Mozilla Fox because it is running too slow. I used to try Safari. It is also good, but I like much Google Chrome.
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    Got infested with malware in less than a week using Chrome.
  5. any Opera users,?
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  7. i can outtrade you any day of the week cunt'ry bumpkin :D
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    I bet you can flip burgers faster than me too.
    Not to even mention your self admitted prowess at getting BJ's from fat girls.
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