Fastest Alternative to TS2000i ?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by trillenium, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. I am using many charts and run a lot of sytems - and my TS2000i gets very slow when markets are busy. I know its an old software from 1999 - and therefore I am looking for a fast alternative - does anybody who also runs many charts have good experience with an alternative ?

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    Wouldn't a faster pc solve the problem?
  3. I tried -- but my CPU maxes out fast with many charts - i use esignal and Ts2000i and I want to look already for alternatives because TS2000i just gets older and older and there should be better applications now that run better on the newest processors
  4. which is your hardware setup?
  5. I run 200 charts just fine on ts2000i.
  6. Sam123

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    Turn off the “update every tick” option.
  7. I run 200 charts just fine on ts2000i. run trading systems on 200 charts and it works fine ?
  8. I probably have 200 charts, 200+ indicators, 40-50 systems.
    But I got rid of ALL tick data. Just minute+ data now.
    In fact, the *only* data gs collects is 1 minute & 5 minute data.
    Like Sam123 said, also keep "update on every tick" off.
    Everything runs well.

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  10. Add as much additional ram as your pc will allow. Everything should run faster.
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