FasterPussyCat/SuperEgo/KatrinaJohns VERSUS APHEXCOIL Live, Monday 11/18 Here on ET!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Nov 11, 2002.

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  1. You heard it here first!

    Real time chat calls from the two biggest ET GURUS!!!!!!!!

    In the ET Chatroom - LIVE and in REAL TIME!!!

    Watch Aphie Scalp the Pits!!

    Watch FPC Scalp .002 off of NVDA!!

    Watch the battle of wits!


    You heard it here first!

    Faster PussyCat





    Free Real Time Calls! Free pretzels! Fun for everyone!

    Watch Aphie and FPC battle to the death!
  2. DTK


    My money is on the ref. :D
  3. is this real or a joke
  4. LOL!!
    you prick bunghole:D
  5. bung(hole)rider is .... hmmm well i guess his name says it all:D
  6. Much as though I love Aphie, I must confess that my love for FPC/SE/KJ is deeper than the Grand Canyon... Brother Pussy, you have my unqualified support in the showdown... May the force be with you...
  7. if FPC/SE/KJ are all the same person, that guy rocks! hahaha :D
  8. Thanks for your support!!! :mad:
  9. Beer Man

    Beer Man

  10. This is old news. Where've you been?
    #10     Nov 12, 2002
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