faster than Rithmic ? CME direct cost ?

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  1. I see Rithmic advertises 250us (microseconds). Is there anything faster for the CME ? If you are in Aurora from things I read 40us is possible for an exchange and the fastest Ethernet is at 1us ping but I dont think the CME is at 40us tick to trade.
    My guess is the fastest players just go direct to the CME. Any idea on the cost to get certified for that ?

    Its clear one can get the equivalent of the fix X message with the book updates at what I have read is now something under a 1ms interval. Is it possible to get all published limit orders as they come with Rithmic or otherwise ?
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    250 microseconds is what we admit to publicly. Our customers experience better but we do not disclose how much better. For news trading we admit to 30 microseconds from receipt of news to release of orders. Other trades are in that ball park too but actual times are confidential. We do have a presence in Aurora and a 10G connection. There is nothing available that is faster.
  3. Regarding the news -> order latency, do you provide a news feed? I'd have assumed that the news feed latency would be the slowest part of that trade.
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    We connect to the news feed services but each user must obtain his own agreement with the news services to use their data.

    As fars as news latency goes, if the latency of the feed provided by the news services themselves is not satisfactory, each user must get his own line from Washington to Aurora or Cermak.
  5. There is at least one outfit out there with sub-2us between last byte of news received to last byte of execution request out.

    It is, however, an internal-only tool.

    They aren't even close.