Faster killed the religion debate

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by thunderbolt, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Thanks alot, faster. Your childish behavior closed a good thread. :(
  2. it was your obstinacy and STUPIDITY dunderhead that closed that thread!:mad:
  3. God Bless Pussy...
  4. Thx
  5. lol quite frankly, i don't see why it got closed. i think we're old enough to handle a few naughty words. thunderbolt, you should be glad it's over with, the aheists dominated it big time.
  6. FPC,

    read my pms... i need help. lol :(
  7. Yeah, yeah, ole Bolt was rockin' that thread with insight, wisdom and knowledge that was far beyond the scope of the atheists comprehension. That's why ya never got my logic:D

    Once you girls further your intellect, give me a shout:D
  8. This is exactly what I mean.

  10. Intellect ? YOU? muhahahahah!!! Set it up bro....ANY TIME, ANY PLACE i will rip you to shreads....(wait a minute, i already did..)

    Gekko was right. For those of you who missed it, the atheists shamed the dunderbolt and darkhorse duo - BIG TIME!

    Pity Babak closed it down ( he must be christian)... I've HEAPS more absolutely KILLER material I didn't even have to use..
    #10     Sep 8, 2002