Fast way to look through a lot stocks?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by zbojnik, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. zbojnik


    Anyone know of a website/software I could use to look through a lot of stocks( that I choose to my own preference) by just hitting a button to go to the next stocks chart?
  2. hughb


    This site has a program you can download to your harddrive and you can go chart to chart simply by hitting the space key, or you can set it for slideshow mode and it will go chart to chart automatically until you stop it.

    I don't know if their cloud version does that or not.
  3. I think you can make watchlists which have thumbnail charts using stockfetcher.

    It's free to try, so give it a whirl.
  4. zbojnik


    I also want to do some backtesting. Sockfetcher looks like it has the option. What do I write if I want to backtest with these options:
    -stock with average volume of 100K to 1M
    -Price between 1$ to 20$
    -timeframe: 4hrs

    First Strategy:buy on pullback
    Second Strategy: Buy at high of day

    It also has good TA analysis already plotted on the charts to get the ideas flowing. Daily data is free, intraday requires a membership.
  6. Bob111


    you need a data and something like this-

    plus some programming skills.drag and drop usually doesn't work very well. specially,if you do back testing on large baskets of stocks.
    you may need some sort of filter. how you are going to trade for example some news event,when whole market spikes up at same time and all your stocks are making new high? 100's of them :p
  7. zbojnik


    The problem with wealthlab is you need an account with fidelity right?
  8. Bob111


    don't know about details with fidelity. back in a day it was stand alone software package without any brokers. you can probably find this version on P2P. but even with fidelity-find out details,maybe open an account,put few bucks on it could be enough?
  9. Fidelity requires 120 trades per rolling 12 month period and min of $25k in your account.
  10. Bob111


    ouch..P2P :p
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