fast trading computer for sale: $10,000,000

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Wallace, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. by Tyler Harbottle, CP April 6/13
    "Metro Vancouver firm’s groundbreaking quantum computer wins confidence of US
    aerospace giant Lockheed Martin
    pays reported $10-million for D-Wave System's superfast computer.

    Lockheed Martin has just upgraded its D-Wave One quantum computer to the
    D-Wave Two, a machine the company’s founder Geordie Rose said is 500,000
    times faster than its predecessor, which was already faster than a conventional
  2. Amazing progress over the last ten years. I recall taking that quantum computing course in university in 2004. Really interesting course, but it seemed so unlikely to succeed at that time. Boy did I get that wrong!
  3. Pekelo


    Is it going to make me profitable? I don't get this fascination with speed. If I trade twice a week, you bet I am good on my 10 years old machine...

    The recent news was that they are disassembling a supercomputer that was made only 4 years ago. Why? Because it has became obsolete... So your superduper computer today can be a toy of tomorrow....
  4. ofthomas


    you need to understand quantum computing first... the allure of it is being able to calculate real time all possible scenarios and then select the one with the most probability... think in terms of being able to run montecarlo real time tick by tick and taking the most probable outcome and trading based on that...
  5. The robots that daytrade for me must plow through:

    3153484729665911152 possibilities

    Yes, this computer would make me profitable, I don't know about you.
  6. I never understood why montecarlo somehow helps you design systems.

    It's only purpose is to examine tail risk. It shouldn't be used at all for optimization or live application to trading. It is only for simulation and to measure risk.