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  1. Does any of you trade through Fast Trade? It seems that FFAstFill is a very fast orders execution platform. However, is it reliable?
  2. Lots of brokers able to deliver flash fills on Globex traded contracts. Find the one that fits your needs on the other factors - account size, universal accounts (if you also trade equities), margin rules (some differ), commissions, options for collateral, etc.
  3. More reliable than J_Trader ...
  4. I used to use j-trader and moved to Fast Trade 3 months ago. Having used both extensively, I can say that Fast Trade is MUCH better on all levels. It is a much more stable and reliable trading platform. I have NEVER lost my connection, something that used to happen to me all the time with j-trader. And every time I lost my j-trader connection, I had to phoen the broker to log off before I could log back in. This was a HUGE problem, I would lose 3 minutes of trading time at least.

    The trades with Fast Trade are lightning fast, they execute faster than I can click a mouse. Plus I am paying about 30% less now than I used to pay. And they always pick up the phone in a couple rings if I call them, plus they have after hours emergency phone service if you ever need it.

    I don't have a single complaint about their service in the 3 months I used them. I know it sounds like I am being paid to hype them, but I have no affiliation with them. I am just very satisfied with the service they have provided for the last 3 months. I highly recommend them to anyone.
  5. To use the 2,000.00 per month service would I need to move to Chicago and trade from their trading room?

    It it $2,000.00/mo. plus 0.50 RT? all fees inclusive? It says I get free squawk ......what are the charts you use in their trading room? are they comparable to E-sig?

    Michael B.
  6. yes, I believe that $2000 rate is for people actually located in Chicago. I asked about that and the best rate I could get was the $550 per month plus $3.32 RT.
  7. Thanks for your replies. Right now, I am testing the Demo from FastTrade and X-trader. Both are very easy to use. They also seem to offer fast executions although I can not really tell until I start to trade with real money.

  8. I've used the Fast Trade trainer quite a bit, and would say that it gives a very realistic perspective of what the real trading will be like. There is almost no difference. What I liked about it is that it does not fill your limit orders until 2/3 of the contracts have traded at that level. This gives a fairly realistic idea of what you can expect on getting your limit orders filled.
  9. Sioux


    Thank you all for the nice comments!

    Great to hear that our customers are happy. I would like to post our website because apparently, there is a new firm( stock trading only) called fastrade. So, If anyone is confused we are FFASTTRADE.
    800-278-6308 if you would like a trial of the software

    I am working on putting together a new chat with a very successful index trader. She trades the DOW, DAX, EUROSTOXX, and E-minis. Baron will post the details later this week.

  10. SIOUX............... I TRIED the demo and it was truly good and fast..........only obstacle is that you do not offer an order entry system to place "bracket orders" so i still gonna wait and see.
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