Fast Stochastics alternatives

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  1. mmazuri


    I am looking for an alternative to the fast stochastics.
    All suggestions welcome.
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  2. Bugenhagen


    Pick any other moving average however you need to explain how you are using them now, especially on what timeframe/chart to get a useful answer. You might consider an adaptive stoch.
  3. S-l-o-w stochastics?

    Increase your "period"?

    The "range indicators"... Stochastic, RSI, %R, and CCI... have their own characteristics. Each one, UNDERSTOOD AND USED PROPERLY, has merit.

    Suggest fussing around with them and varying their periods. If something strikes a chord with you, dig deeper and learn how/when it works best and when it doesn't.

    Don't believe those who claim "indicators don't work". They do... but not as simply as "buy oversold, sell overbought". There's more to it than that.
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  4. speedo


    Don't know what platform you use but I like the stock double sto on Ninja. It's just a stochastic of a stochastic with makes for a good smoother. You could also play with the slow setting until you see what you like it terms of reading momentum and just black out the fast. I don't recommend using any sto as a signal unto itself but there are as many ways to trade as there are traders.
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  5. dozu888


    there is no alternative... this shit simply doesn't work.
  6. maxinger


    This is an alternative and it is zero stochastics.
    Personally I find all indicators BS.

    I don't use any indicators.
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  8. speedo


    Aren't you special.
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  9. destriero


    RSI is trash but it's infinitely more useful than Stoch.
  10. contra


    By trash, I'm assuming you don't recommend any of these at all? I've seen Oanda FX charts you posted way back using an RSI or CCI, not sure how you used them though. All I've seen more recently was price and maybe STARC when you were doing the boxes.
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