Fast money says no Specialists hurting market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. They are right.

    I expected this with all electronic.

    didn't you?

    I knew you did cause you're smart.
  2. I completely agree with this
  3. I disagree.

    The reason the market is down is because it isn't worth more than this right now.

    It might even be overvalued
  4. when will they be cancelled too? Fast money and mad money need to go.
  5. How do the specialists stop housing prices from falling?
  6. LOL
  7. one way would be to not sell to toothless scum at zero down.

    lets not forget about the morons that bought these overpriced shacks.

    at least as stupid as Wall Street is crooked.