Fast Money on CNBC..

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  1. Do these guys think that if they yell, that makes them more likely to be correct in their "faux'casting?
  2. Feeling the pinch from FBN?
  3. I wonder...Haven't watched FBN yet...I'm a Bloomberg guy..
    But whenever the Fed meets I work from home and watch CNBC...been my ritual for the last few years...
  4. Most pathetic show ever ! Of any channel on the face of the earth !

    Anyone has the address of CNBC I would love to dump a truck of manure in front of the entrance , and bury Bartiromo, Quick, Insana , the whole Fats Money bunch and of course Kudlow
  5. BTW, did anyone see that "thanks for giving us the best October ratings ever" trailer playing nonstop on CNBC? Those cheeky bastards. Hope the next bear market will send them back to the hole.
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    yea heard that trailer about 15 times so far. If this market wasnt performing the way it was over the last 5 years you would not see these type of programs, Fast Money would NOT exist if this global market wasn't in one of the biggest bull runs in history. Happy hour is another joke of a show.....wait till the next bear market is in full swing, tune into these shows than and watch how serious they are.

    Also noticed that when the the global markets were selling off in August cnbc took time out of their program to announce where the Asian markets were trading.
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    haha kudlow and his golidlocks economy, guy is a complete joke.
  8. What are you talking about... I always get a good laugh hearing his right wing junk science about how global warming is just a myth
  9. He might be a joke, but who are you to judge anyone after posting 43 TIMES today on ET?
    Do you even trade for a living?

    That's once every 9 minutes.
    Who are you kidding???

  10. Didn't CNBC have another non-stop trailer in August that said "volatility... make sure you tune in to CNBC because we have all the "experts" with with the "answers"."?
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