"Fast Money" nicknames are too much?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by a529612, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. WTF?

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    Yeah.......but, would ya? :D
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    NO SHES ANNOYING, so annoying i put the morning show on mute and watch the ticker...Shes thinks shes all that when in reality shes nothing.
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    by the way she is hosting the show tonight again, Dilan lost his position on On the money to melissa, hopefully he doesnt lose this one to becky.
  5. Why does CNBC put such emphasis on personalities? When you do that, you risk alea, alliena.. pissing off a lot of people.

    Isn't the news the market (s)???? I just don't watch.
  6. Although it's not saying much, from a relative standpoint, this show is definitely one of the better offerings in the world of financial shows.

    At least I get the impression that the panel has some bare modicum of self respect and a commensurate level of knowledge about the respective areas they cover, and they aren't point blank cheerleaders for the street.
  7. She's still hot. :D
  8. Sex always sells? :)
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    She wears a lot more makeup then she used to. Would not like to wake up next to her.....she'd probably start yapping about the markets on a Saturday morining and that's a day off.
  10. Agree - Fast Money is one of the few shows worth leaving the volume on for. And the only show on CNBC I've ever heard recommending actual options strategies!
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