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    On monday the fast money guy doing charts recommended hand over fist some stocks that saw capitulation selling on friday.
    This is what was recommended on monday:

    AKS now down 4$ or 30%
    CHK now down 5$ or 25%

    A pick from one of the fast money guys:EXM now down 4$
  2. when i watch fast money all i want to see is the insight of joe and pete but all i get is non trader dylan cutting everyone off and saying a whole lot of nothing. can we get a real trading show cnbc?
  3. the show should be called Fast Losses

    it is almost as bad as mad money

    Najarian please tell me wht the options activity indicates, great one.
  4. Dylan uses way too many words to ask a simple question. Takes him forever to spit something out.
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    sure,mad money..........joking.

    Honestly i think all those guys ar ebig losers as far as pics go.I have yet to see them do better than breakeven...and tim seymor must be down 80% with his emerging growth fad going down like the hiddenburgh....pete yaps about all those esoteric option plays that just decay in front of your eyes.
    I think the best thing is to play the big picture not the intraday :were in a bear market so sell rally tops and only look at your quotes at the end of each day.Had i held my T short instead of daytrade it yesterday i would have made 1500 instead of 400$...
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    ANYONE can make better picks then you! Your last index was the biggest catastrophe ever, and you have the nerve to talk about other peoples picks? What mental order have you been diagnosed with and do you take your meds?

    My roommate who suffered a bad brain injury a few years ago, whose since mostly recovered, she could make better picks then you.

    Why do you even bother to come onto this board, as soon as you did, YOU STILL SAID BUY BUY BUY, WHEN THE DOW WAS 10000 PLUS!

    WHY DO EVEN STILL TALK ABOUT STOCKS! I bet you have everyone in your REAL LIFE fooled into think your the best investor EVER. WELL WELCOME TO REALITY!
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    Keeping with the thread's title, I found a pic of Najarian.

  8. Jeff Macke is the only honest person sitting behind a desk at CNBC.

    The rest of that crowd is just TOO obsessed with their HAIR.
  9. I would tend to AGREE.

    Joe Terranova is a nice guy, and has a solid knowledge base in "risk management" due to his time at MBF Clearing Corp., but he has no idea what he's doing when it comes to TRADING . . . and if you are seriously listening to his recommendations regarding the oil markets, you are making a SERIOUS mistake in my opinion.

    The only guy worth his salt on Fast Money who actually TRADED FOR A LIVING and had excellent knowledge about the Energy Sector was Eric Bolling
    ( Nymex Badge: "RBI" ), who now appears on Fox.

    Just my 2 cents.
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