Fast Money is GARBAGE

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  1. CNBC = Poo
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    I would have to disagree. The presenters seem to know their industries and stocks. Their all real life investment traders.
  3. I have more problem with the idea that everyone is trying to make "fast money", than the individuals or their calls. Anyone trading should think about and investigate anyone else's call, no different than if they'd come up with the stock themselves rather than take someone else's word that they should buy or sell anything. After all, its your money.

    Anyway, its no worse than the saturday morning Fox "business block" where they talk about everything BUT stock picks, and when they do talk about stock picks they devote minimal time to the discussions on the companies, and give things like Anna Nicole Smith or some shooter someplace the vast majority of the allotted time on any given weekend. Now THAT is REALLY pathetic.
  4. The show is designed for traders ... don't forget it is also T.V. and the eye ball count matters. Check the ratings to see what everybody else thinks.

  5. no, cracker.
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    I concur. Fox Business news = Garbage
  7. No more Strazzini? I'm not overly impressed by Najarian.
  8. All of these shows are garbage. In fact I find it hard to find anything on tv other than Law and Order and the Sopranos that isn't complete trash...back to reading, at online there are plenty of resources and the corporate news monkeys are not dictating what is allowed there...wait until Murdoch buys the internet
  9. Yeas CNBC generally sucks. But cramer can be entertaining at times and CNBC europe is pretty good
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    I think Fast Money is a good show although I generally do not buy any of the rec's that they give. It is a good way for me to increase my market knowledge and for me to come up with my own ideas! Anybody blindly buying their recommendations should accept complete responsibility for their own results!
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