Fast Money= Cocaine addicts

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  1. Is it just me or is it blatantly obvious that jeff macke does railroad tracks of coke? The guys got more of a jaw problem than half the people in east NY
  2. :D :D :D
  3. annoying as fuck, isn't it???? If I wanted to get screamed at, I could have stayed with my first wife.
  4. Urkel


  5. Since I don't watch Fast Money, I had to google the name.


    This fat fuck does coke?


  6. me2


    tonights show was embarrassing w/ william isaac who made headlines as ex-fdic saying dont nationalize. total railroading by jackass dylan who is getting worse only wanting to hear himself speak or yell down guest spines.

    only one worse is little timmy the spaz seygem pipping w/ useless info about what news transpired during the day. he is that annoyin dbag who thinks he is getting extra credit w/ class participation
  7. There's no doubt. That how they came up with the idea of the show, too. They were all sitting around, blown out of their minds and tossing around drug-induced ideas at each other.


    "And fast, too. Get it? It's fast money!"

    "And let's invite people to the show and cut them off 2 seconds after the respond to a question. We'll tell them we only have so much time, make em look real stupid."

    "HELL YEAH!"

    "You wanna do another rail with me?"
  8. LOL exactly

    CNBC has become reality fuckin tv. Pathetic.
  9. The whole network wants to be the next screaming "Cramer"

    Oh I mean screaming "Gasparino"

    Oh I mean screaming "Santelli".

    Ratigan has been ranting for months with no response. Maria B. always has that "STFU already DAMN!" look on her face. Kinda funny really.:D
  10. That's interesting that someone else besides myself has come to this same observation that these people on this show are coked up or on some sort of drugs.
    I figured coke.
    I watched this show a few months back for the first time and the way they were acting and speaking, their whole body language, sniffling, agitation, talking loud9 all mannerism I observed).....I too came to the conclusion that they are coked up.
    I'd take that side of the bet that they are on blow.
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