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    Wow this mornings quotes crazy. I have three different computers 2 on a cable modem and networked and 1 on a dial up, and all 3 quotes from different sources.All 3 had different quotes on the bid/ask for the e-mini s&p.
    Glad I didn't trade the open.I guess one of the risks of a fast market.
    Anyone have similar experiences?
  2. What quote vendors?
  3. I always get some hesitations on my satellite but yesterday was unusual. Had problems most of the morning. Thought it was the weather. Using Qcharts
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    using tradecast and real tick .
    Got an e-mail from my broker cme was having problems on 2/28 & 3/1
  5. "FEBRUARY 26, 2002 FROM: Market Data Operations

    RE: IMPORTANT - Today's Slowdown of CME Quote Vendor Network

    Today, the existing CME Quote Vendor Network experienced a slowdown in transmitting messages,
    between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., Chicago Time. The cause has been determined to be an increased
    amount of GLOBEX market data that could not be sufficiently accommodated on the existing network
    during that time frame. As you are aware, this is the primary reason for our planned conversion to the new

    We are in the process of investigating ways to prevent this from recurring while we finalize our plans for
    implementing the new network. One solution being considered is to transmit one of the major GLOBEXa2
    products along with the RTH products, down port one of the existing network, rather than port three. Of
    course, whatever GLOBEX product we choose, it would retain the Exchange ID of H, to indicate a
    GLOBEX. Please let us know immediately if you see this as a problem. In addition to this proposal, other
    interim options are being reviewed. As soon as a decision is made, we will notify you. Testing will then be
    scheduled, and the change will be moved into production as soon as possible to prevent any future