Fast Internet outside colo?

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  1. Anyone here have fast internet outside colo?

    I pay $469/month for a 100mbit line (100mbit up/100mbit down) to my apartment. My ISP charges a "loop charge" to send the circuit to my apartment from the local data center.

    If I were to colo my monthly fees would be ~$150/month inside the data center (plus port fee & IP address charges).

    Does anyone else have fast internet (non-retail, non-DSL) at their house and could you tell me if my loop charges are on par or good/bad?

  2. Just out of curiosity:

    What is your ping time to your broker's price and order servers?

    3ms colo
    50 ms typical US cable modem
    200 ms from Europe

    Depending on your trading system latency may be more important than bandwidth.
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    What physical medium are they using to provide 100/100Mbps service to you?
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    That is somewhat unusual, and a killer price. Is that a point-to-point line or some sort of cable deal? If so, how far to your other point? Loop charges in a point-to-point to a house is usually extremely expensive, since you are the only one likely to be using it.

    Who gave you this deal?
  5. XO is the ISP but when I go to Speedtest it comes up as Global - so it could be XO renting copper from someone. I live in a building in NYC and there was existing fiber in the street outside my place - it's not like i live in a rural area but yes, setup wasn't cheap. This is not a DOCSIS 3.0 setup - it's a single 100mbit line (100up/down) over copper.

    Thx for the answer - why is this unusual and should I assume I'm getting a good deal on the loop charges? I kinda assumed that I was paying too much.

    all over copper - fiber would actually be slower

    < 0ms. Servers are ~0.5 miles away. Avg ping time to tokyo is ~120ms (FWIW, my DOCSIS 3.0 50/5 is ~3ms to servers and ~180ms to tokyo)
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    Sounds like metro ethernet, thanks for posting OP it's very hard to find any pricing info on this service on the net all the ISP's want to you to call in so you have to deal with their sales drones to get an answer out of them.

    The price seems pretty reasonable to me, much slower leased line service is almost as much as what you are paying. I think your improvement in ping times migh have as much to do with XO being a Tier 1 ISP as the wire speed of your "last mile" setup, if you were getting DOCSIS through a cable company you typically have to hop around in their network before hitting a Tier 1 and then hitting the peering point while with XO you are skipping that first step. Cable companies are pretty notorious in my opinion for ping-ponging your traffic around their networks before routing it out; my suspicion is that it has to do with all the differentiated IP services they're always trying to sell and the associated class of service settings in their network but I digress.
  7. WinstonTJ, for general comparison purposes would you please run the ping test at and post the results.
  8. [​IMG]

    That site thinks I'm located somewhere in the midwest - but when I ping my quote and execution servers via command line it comes back at 0ms.

    EDIT if you give me a server to ping that would be more accurate and reliable than
  9. Not sure about NY.

    In Chicago provides local loops to their network.
    Low cost high speed connections to CME, Advantage Futures, Equinix and others as long as your building is located on their fiber net. Check them out.

    Your bandwidth and latency is hard to beat.

  10. Thanks for running the ping test. must be mapping your IP address wrong.

    The test does show that you have a very high quality, low latency line.

    For anyone who wants to do connection testing, has a set of tests available at
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