Fast food places now getting applications from people with bachelors degrees

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    Even going down to Jack in the Box, they were inundated with applications from people with bachelor's degrees," said Lowell Dixon, who lost his supervisor job at solar panel manufacturer OptiSolar's nascent Sacramento plant in January.

    So if the best job you can find with a bachelors degree is at Jack-in-the-box, what is the point of spending $60,000 on an education?

    And now Obama is putting even more money into education. Another 12 billion.

    Maybe he should put 12 billion into grants for small business start ups. If the average business costs 350k to start up and employees 15 people, thats 500,000 jobs created vs 5 million highly educated unemployed college graduates later.

    I dont know about you, but if im a kid and i have a choice of having a job now or going to school and not having a job later with 10s of 1000s of debt(or even if there is jobs, the competition just doubled from all the graduates)....i will pick the job now. The economy will not be out of the tanker in 2 years so then jack in the box will just have double the applications from college graduates who have debt they will not be able to pay from min wage which will result in more defaults to sallie mae which means more bailouts.

    We are in a death spiral people.
  2. Are you related to ByLoSellHi?
  3. That's high praise, actually.

    A few people here are awake and aware, and are in the process of protecting themselves.

    Then, there are the sheeple.

    Pick your side and live with the consequences. Time keeps ticking...
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    Whether he is or not is immaterial. Go sit at SBUX for an hour or two and watch how many desperate people with applications walk through the door.

  5. Yeah, like none.
  6. Ughhh, another condescending remark just because someone might disagree with your "end of the world" mantra.

    FWIW, I think the worst is still ahead of us, but I don't trade today's market worrying about next month or next year.

    That's the difference between successful traders and the real sheeple in the business.
  7. who can afford SBUX in this economy. :)
  8. Do you really think that people give a damn about what is being "paste and cut" onto an anonymous internet website called Elitetrader much of which is populated by kids at home during their summer vacation?

    Get real.
  9. 1) Never had a cup of coffee in my life, so SBUX is not for me.

    2) Don't know a single person who is unemployed (already been discussed on another thread last month).
  10. When the recovery comes, the job picture will be a real shocker.

    Lots of folks with BAs will be working for near minimum wage.
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