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Discussion in 'Trading' started by munnyhunny, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Sell EUR (E6) @ 13246 now for 10 pips.
  2. Exit @13239.
    If you made money you can buy me a beer :)
  3. If you want 10 pips you should be ok to hold on for a few more minutes.
  4. There you go, 13236.
  5. Nexen


    You said 10 pips, which is like absolutely nothing, then you can't even hold your trade for the 10 pips and cover earlier.

    You got much to learn noob.
  6. Out of curiosity where was your stop?
  7. Stop is liquid and can depend on changes in volatility, but I generally try to take trades where the stop is a maximum of 10 and usually less.

  8. Shit for brains
    1) Show us all when you have ever made a live call
    2) The amount of time I hold has nothing to do with the accuracy of the call. I got out early for my reasons, but the limit was made.
    3) 10 pips can be a lot depending on how much leverage you use
    4) I trade the E6 and that "nothing" 7 pips is actually $87 per contract (or in my case 4 cars = $350) several times per day. Do the math.
    So now please tell us all who is the noob and has a lot to learn.
    After you figure it out, FUCK OFF.


  9. You get offended very quickly. Nobody asked you to post a call.
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