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    I have just proved that my matrox g550 dualhead does not work well with Intereactive Brokers Option Trader screen. I am using an ati radeon 9000 but it is only one screen. I am looking for a fast dualhead that is passively cooled. Any ideas?
  2. if you don't play 3d games the ati 9000 is fine.

    i have a nvidia fx5200 128mb agp & a pci driving 4 LCDs. the videocards cost me about 120 total.

    its substandard for games, but its great for trading.

    the benefit of having nvidia video card is nvidia's unified driver. you only need to download one driver for almost all the current lined up of nvidia video cards. software conflicts is minimized.

    where as

    there's a individual driver download for different model of ati chips.
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    So are you saying get a second ati 9000 for two screens?
  4. That's on a (2 yr old?) Dell Inspiron 600M laptop, right?

    If so, what are the specs?

    I'm in the decision-purchase process of new trading tower vs. new trading laptop to drive up to 4 monitors.

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    Driving 4 monitors from a laptop is no easy task... might even be impossible.
  6. gnome

    gnome has Nvidia 280 NVS AGP for $89.
  7. my barebore is
    amd xp2000+ (cpu cost me 100bucks back in summer 2002) about 3 years old
    1gig mem
    dual fx5200 agp&pci, i got these recently.

    inspiron 600m was purchased oct 2004. 1.6pentium M (dothan)

    if i were to get a new computer, i would plan to play some new games like half life2, doom3. my specs would be different. and more costly

    if you're trading from home, you should get something simple, and cheap to trade with. discretionary trading apps do not take up too much resources.

    dell has been pumping alot of deals recently. their cheap models do not have PCI-E slots, but they have plenty of PCI slots to spare. get a few PCI dual headed nvidia video cards.

    i got one of my PCI FX5200 from newegg, a refurb, 50bucks. works very well with the AGP FX5200

    Dell Business has this Dimension 3000 system with 17" E173FP Analog LCD at $499 - $100 rebate = $399 with free shipping.

    # P4 2.8GHz, 256MB DDR, 40GB Drive, 48x CD-ROM, 17" E173FP Analog LCD
    # Integrated Audio/Video, 10/100 + 56k, XP Home, No Warranty

    i think this one already expired. but this wasn't the first time being posted on

    this is sufficent as a trading computer. you should have 1gig of memory. 512minimum

    40gig drive maybe a bit small for some people.

    if you're not computer savvy, buy more memory when you purchase from dell. but you can save alot of money if you buy them elsewhere and put it in yourself.

    dell make their money on "customized upgrades" not their base models. in fact, they are losing money on deals like this. 2.8gig CPU is at about $140, add in the LCD... you do the math

  8. I'm driving sixteen displays with 8 dual head 450's and Athlon 2400, 1 GIG RAM
  9. lilboy716, gnome, (FuturesTrader71, etal),

    Always appreciate your hardware specs with their trading practicalities!

    Thanks again.
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