Fascinating: Progress in Engineering, Computer Modeling, Design, Navel Architecture and More!

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    This held me spellbound. Look what we humans are capable of!!!
    I am not referring to the specific result here, but rather how far we have come as a species and what we are capable of today, which can be extended in many directions; for good, or for evil. Truly amazing!

    We think of the Normandy as the ultimate ocean liner, and in some respects it was and is. But the leaps and bounds of technology, engineering, navel architecture and design have brought us a long, long way from the Normandy. Perhaps the only things that haven't been profoundly affected since the Normandy, but simply changed, are the visual and musical arts.

    This video reminds us of how a great project, for example the building of the Queen Mary in Scotland during the Great Depression, or sending man to the moon, can be the catalyst that puts thousands to work. A Great Project, like the building of the Hoover dam can be just the medicine needed in times of national malaise. Our country, the United States of America, is in need of a project that can give us a national purpose to pull together as one nation. We have the ability; we lack the leadership. Trump's infrastructure plan that is supposed to evolve from private initiative via tax credits, is not going to fulfill our needs. We need more than that.
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    Thank you. That made we laugh too. I haven't seen that much progress in "navel" architecture, but naval, that's a different matter. I probably had one too many glasses of wine when I wrote that.:D
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  4. Progress in navel architecture would be a fascinating thing to observe though. Maybe high-tech navel piercings? Who knows? ;):D