FASB quietly delays off balance sheet rules

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  1. oopsss

    didn't see your previous post on this

    America is so broke it can't even account for it.

  2. That's okay.

    Read that second link. It's a real eye opener.

    CNBC has a vested interest in lying to the investing public. They only speak truthfully after the losses are announced or the crisis hits.

    Even amidst this incredible financial and economic crisis, which will only get much worse, CNBC is the conduit for hard up analysts to recommend which stocks to buy.

    CNBC is owned by General Electric (as is NBC - which is why NBC has the balls to turn to Jim Cramer on economic matters on the 'World News' at 7 pm; what a joke), and most of their revenue comes from financial and brokerage firm advertising. How objective could they possibly be?
  3. Peter Schiff has all but been banned from CNBC because he speaks the truth and that causes the few viewers they have to change the channel...

    marketing people are obviously running that place and it's gotten so bad that the on air staff interviews each other..

    Carruso-Cabrerra still thinks that TIPS bonds are inflation protected.