Fas/faz - 5/4

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by scot.mcpherson, May 4, 2009.

  1. I see what you're saying, but I'm gettin low volume on the downside...and a LH on my 5 min FAZ chart.

    This market is crazy. Alot of shorts must have been murdered last week
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  2. Yes, a little mixed signals.

    But like I said, i watch both FAS and ES. and 75% of the time, if financials make a LH, then the markets going down, even if ES did something else.

    In this instance, ES made a HH, so I took a 1/2. If it would have made a DT or LH, then I would have gone full size.
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  3. This really is repeating itself. The market is swinging down presently, yet the RIFIN is baselining around 7.80. Scares the crap out of my to pull the FAZ trigger.
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  4. if the market tops off again just a little its going to ruin FAZs price and profits just like last week on wednesday.
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  5. I'm in the same ballpark. It's crazy. I'm now completely biased to the short side...I just cannot handle a long position on this market given how expensive it now is.
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  6. call me a dumbass, but I bought FAZ at 7.81...My instincts are telling me the market has got to dive here even for a a few points before it goes up more.

    I feel like I shot myself in the foot though...We'll see.

    No matter what I am getting out at ANY profit level, the moment is starts to slip I am OUT.
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  7. Di you get that sinking feeling inside when you pulled the trigger, lol
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  8. I think we're ok."FOR NOW".

    FAS/ES just fell into synch with LH's.

    VIX/TRIN up.
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  9. No, just feel like I am stupid for doing it, but I am in profit zone right now...just need to pay attention and get out at the first sign of trouble and get out with a skinny profit is much better than getting out with any loss.
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  10. Well you got in good. so enjoy the ride. I'm over thinking my trades now and its making me miss opportunities.
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