Fas/faz 5/26

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by kurbin, May 25, 2009.

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    I wonder if any of the bigger banks will come out this week talking about their profitability (or lack of it) during the second quarter...
  2. Looks like today is going to be one of those days where the market just cruises up all day. We were low compared to the 10 day M.A., so I jumped on late.
  3. Like a dumbass I decided to stay out completely....this afternoon I take a peek, I coulda been up 11% if I jumped in this morning in the premarket.
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    Today would have been very very hard to forsee this rally, at least that's what I think.... a lot of bad news came out but the market just chose to ignore it.
  5. I am having a hard time deciding which way it's going today.
  6. Judging from those crappy housing data and Sheila Blair's comments on the banks, I say we go south. That's my logical view. However, the market is illogical, so you may wanna go long the banks with both fists. The worse the news, the higher they go, lol.
  7. Seems FAZ is the side to ride so far, but it doesn't have much oumph. I am still out.
  8. I can't bring myself to get into either. I agree that FAZ seems the ride to get on, but the market is just too obsessed with going up regardless of fundamentals. Could be a trap.

    Given that silly is certainly in season, I cannot get myself to buy FAS at this point either for fear of buying the top. Or close to it.

    And so I'll look to high dividend plays.
  9. What's getting to me is the ridiculous move up on low volume.
  10. Keep in mind when the volume is so low, moves are easier to make because the books are smaller. It takes less volume to influence a move.
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