Fas/faz - 5/11

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  1. So what do you all predict for the week. I predict the russell will be down today by up to 2 full points on the FAS, and then climb through the rest of the week.

    Haha, I am just trying to be funny with a prediction, but that's what I think will happen.
  2. I was thinking one more test of 940 either today or tomorrow, then a sell off.

    But today's action makes it look likr it may be over.

    Either way I'm ok. I have both FAS and FAZ calls, so either way should be good for me in the longer term.

    Shorter term/stock buys... I'm still waiting it out here this am.
  3. I'm taking the day off to see how the market wants to play out.

    If we close to the downside there will probably be an up move tomorrow....Bulls won't just rollover and die, they rly believe this is an actual bull market. They'll just take it as a pullback before we head for the moon
  4. FAS seems fairly stuck below -1 point.

    EDIT: Ooops, it just peaked its head above -1.
  5. S2007S


    FAZ had a nice opening followed by a slow steady move down, the rally in the financials will end soon enough, the market has come far and fast to the upside. Short term price target on FAZ $6.50.
  6. what do you guys think about FAS now after it's popped up rather significantly in the last hour? I am unsure, I have my finger on the trigger, but haven't pulled it yet.
  7. Depends on what happens on my mid term.

    On the longer term, it's mixed though. ES made a LL compared to Friday's ~11am low, but FAS made a HL.
  8. Still going down.
  9. It looks like FAS is slowly trending upward. Is it trustworthy?
  10. Any predictions for the last hour?
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