FAS and FAZ question

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by sc85, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. sc85


    Will they send K-1 form for trading these two ETFs?

  2. sc85


    More than 100 views and none knows the answer?!
  3. Aren't K-1's for partnerships? I was not under the impression FAZ or FAS were partnerships.

    Please elaborate on why you asked the question.
  4. Mark2m


    He is probably asking this question since many of us are getting K-1's in early March, mid March, and today. Actual LTD (tax shelters, and PIGS Passive Income generators) partnerships have been coming in late Feb early March. Just because its an ETF , doesnt mean it isn't an actively traded partnership. As an active trader I am still receiving K-1's, even though I have held these for days, and sometimes weeks.
    Presently have received K-1's for DBA, UNG, DBC, my problem is I actively trade my childrens accounts, and although they are dependents I still submit 1040's for each, and the paper reduction act of 19XX, has turned out to be more paper, more work and more time.
    These have been a mess, since today received revised 1099's. Last year received 3 revisions of 1099's till April 12th.