FAS (3X Financial Bull)

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  1. what do you guys think about getting long FAS? It has 3 times the leverage.
  2. Stupid move after financials and the overall market are up so much
  3. Maybe. I'm confused as to why the market hasn't pulled back yet though?
  4. Bear market rallies are usually quick and huge percentages.

    The market is also pricing in a massive $800 billion stimulus package from Obama.
  5. 'FAS' is what????
  6. Yeah.....that should be a hint to all shorts. Maybe shorting resistance here isn't such a good idea at the moment

    Even the "pro's" are doing that crap.

    Just dumb IMO

    (and i'm bearish as anybody)
  7. Have to agree. Unless you're doing it real long term and cash only, no margin, it's a dumb move now. You should have done it LAST Friday.
  8. That is what I told everyone on Friday 21, 2008 at 2:37PM (in TWO of my threads here on ET and also on RFT's financialtraders blog). They argued with RFT. Some people even wrote "I will take the oppsite side of your trade". Thanks to them...
  9. RFT alerted you in TWO of his threads, in his blog, etc , last Thrusday and Friday November 21 that the stock market rocket launch will leave the skies of florida, and that it would be commanded by RFT, and that he will not pullback to take some ETers, until the lauch is fully complete.

    You could have avoided the lack of oxygen in space if you listened.

    Few listened!

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