Farting while trading

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LeesonTrader, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. LeesonTrader

    LeesonTrader Guest

    Does anyone else fart eay too much when they trade? Man it stinks bad, and I cant stop.n It always seems to be when I am in a position too....weird shit
  2. Bono


    LOL ... the bear trend has too many side effects !
  3. yeah, but my farts are like ass-opera, so nobody ever complains.
  4. trdrmac


    this is my favorite part about working at home. It used to be I could sit in my office for hours without any company, but bake a few biscuits and I had a line at the door, but they never stayed long.

    One group I worked with called me Mac the Crack.
  5. NDQnCA

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    yeah- i hate it because it seems to be like a game of "Smiles"- but the less fun one........the one where the guy who laughs first is the guilty one- but even worse is if you get distracted by the fart and lose money- you lose cash and it smells like shit :D
  6. Q: Gud gawd, what's that smell?

    A: (sniff, sniff) Smells like a bad trade to me.
  7. When the acid begins to burn your stomachs the backlash is gas. And as most of us know the trading war is deadly on the stoimach juices. See a doctor if you fart when you get nervous and or uptight. catch the reflux before you get really screwd up.

    The word from a 12 year bear market veteran. Ulcers are for kids. Reflux is for real men. look into this if you can. Good luck count to ten an hold your breath because it stinks like hell in here.
  8. well, while we're on the subject... anyone who lifts weights and eats a lot of protein, knows that protein farts are the worst. lol