Farmers Will Drive Ferraris, Not Bankers: Jim Rogers

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  1. ”Agricultural commodities are the place to be in for investors,” points out Rogers saying that it will be farmers not bankers driving Ferraris in the coming decades.

    Rogers and Faber argue that the US dollar is on a path to death and Gold prices will continue to rise on the declining dollar value. Both of them agree to Stansberry & Associates Investment Research founder Porter Stansberry that if you divide US gold reserves by the total number of Federal Reserve base money, you get something $6,000 per ounce of gold.

    According to Rogers, governments have not addressed the underlying problems which triggered the crisis, but instead have "flooded the world with money." He argues that trying to solve the problem of too much consumption and too much debt with more consumption "defies belief," and will result in epic failure.

    Faber's outlook echoes the sentiments of Mr. Rogers. He says, "If we agree that excessive credit and excessive leverage led to the crisis, then what the FederalReserve is doing is giving a wrong medicine to the patient—they are giving the drug addicts more drug instead of sending them to rehabilitation, which is not good for the economy. So I think that the whole policy will eventually end in another disaster but we don’t know when and many things can happen in between."

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    What's an investor to do in this scenario?

    Buy hard assets, he suggests. Davidowitz says investors should own physical gold, silver and diamonds. He also thinks land is a winning bet, even suggesting young adults buy and work farmland. "I think investment in farmland with water on it is a great investment. Finance will be less important," in the future, he says.

    Davidowitz: The DOW Could Fall 6,000 Points. Government gone Mad
  2. 17,500 Farmers Killed Themselves every Year in India

    More than 17,500 farmers a year killed themselves between 2002 and 2006, according to experts who have analyzed government statistics. Others traced the increase in farmer suicides to the early 1990s

    At least 17,368 Indian farmers killed themselves in 2009, the worst figure for farm suicides in six years, according to data of the National Crime Records Bureau. According to another study by the Bureau, while the number of farm suicides increased since 2001, the number of farmers has fallen, as thousands abandoning agriculture in distress.

    Farmers' suicides in India

    The economic plight of the farmer might be illustrated with the fact that a farmer having as much as 15 acres (61,000 m2) of land, and hence considered a well-off farmer, had an income of just a little more than what he would have earned were he to merely get the legal minimum wage for all of the 365 days of the year.'_suicides_in_India

    Some 3 months back, 4 farmers had died while protesting land acquisition by Indian state government.

    Some people had died while protesting land acquisition for TATA nano car massive factory after that $2500 nano car factory was shifted to other state in India.

    Some years back farmers had died from Indian police guns regarding land dispute. India has land purchase problems by giant factories. Farmers revolution will start in India.
  3. Probably. But it is a good post imo.
  4. America consumes 58 Billion burgers every year. World consumption for burgers maybe estimated 200 Billion burgers every year. America consumes 37 kilos of meat per person 3 times the average person does in asia and 6 times that of africa.

    World people eat 12 Billion chickens every year. Think of beef, sheep, goats, pigs, eggs, milk, etc. A big dog can easily eat 60 boiled eggs every day. Think of animals who eat massive amounts of food.

    3 Billion people survive of sea food, fish, crabs, lobsters etc...

    World people eat estimated 7 Billion Tons of food every year which equivalent or equal to weight of 14,000 world trade center buildings (9/11) in USA.

    95 million tons of fish are killed every year due to sea pollution and debris thrown in the sea by people.

    40 million tribal people live in forests and isolated regions of the world. Today world population is 8 billion people if you observe the world carefully.

    A 100 kg healthy man drinks 9 litres of water everyday. So 8 billion people will drink 40 billion litres of water everyday. Add other daily use of water by world people which would be 200 billion to 400 billion litres everyday.

    If every country on earth consumes as much as america, we would need about 12 Earths to sustain the world's population.

    There will be serious high food inflation worldwide if human population does not fall.

    Worldwide oil production for year 2010 was 30 billions barrels.

    Some 7 billion tonnes of coal is produced worldwide per year which is equal to weight of 14,000 world trade center buildings (9/11).

    Experts say there will be 1 billion automobiles/vehicles in the world by year 2020.

    There are 1,400 Giant Boeing 747 planes flying all over the world and a 747 plane burns some 65,000 gallons fuel everyday.

    My calculations says 19 Billion barrels oil is consumed every year by planes, ships, boats/yachts. This includes military and commercial planes and ships.

    Post from FightTheFuture:

    Only 2 billion bushels of corn are being exported, and 5 billion being burned. There is enough corn being burned in the US to feed 1 Billion people every year.

    And burning ethanol is for what exactly? For each gallon of ethanol produced, one gallon of petroleum is consumed for distillation, transport, fertilizer, etc.

    Field corn has 2400 calories per pound. 58 lbs per bushel = 139,200 cal per bushel. 2000 cal per day required per person.

    1 bushel feeds one person for 70 days. need 5.2 bushels per year per person

    USDA estimates for the marketing year of 2010-2011, 4.9 billion bushels of corn will be used for ethanol production

    4.9 billion/5.2 = 942,307,692 people.


    Farmers and fishermen earn small money for their crops so that world people get cheap food but prostitutes earn $50,000 per night and many call girls, prostitutes, porn stars and porn actors earn $10,000 per session/ night. World pornography is $200 Billion every year. Some porn stars and prostitutes have highly expensive cars. But 3 billion people walk 10 miles or 20 miles everyday.

    3 Billion people survive on $2 every day. Excellent economics.

    If Farmers and fishermen revolt then people will starve because they will not be able to buy unimaginable expensive food.
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    Jim rogers is a broken record: "buy commodities". Well, he seems to ignore the effects of backwardation roll on commodity investments, which is a severe drag to performance. He never mentions such costs in his book "Hot commodities", a severe omission. If roll costs are high enough, you can actually lose money even if say you are long sugar and it goes up say 15% YTD. That is the fatal flaw in his strategy, and the reason why the roger commodity index has severely underperformed other asset classes.

    True, farmers are immune to roll costs; but pay their share of other costs. Illiquidity, liability and insurance costs to name a few. The only farmers driving Lambos are the huge corporate farmers and the hedge fund investors in farmland such as Soros. But those folks were rich to begin with.
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  7. Images of 1,000 Dogs Stuffed into Cages to be Sold as Meat

    They were destined to be cooked and eaten, but these suffering dogs luckily escaped their gruesome fate.
    Police in Thailand rescued more than 1,000 of the animals from tiny cages when they intercepted four trucks attempting to smuggle them out of the country.
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