Farmers, Others Sue USDA Over Monsanto GMO Alfalfa

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    "The way this spreads so far and wide, it will eliminate the conventional alfalfa industry," said Trask. "Monsanto will own the entire alfalfa industry."

    Monsanto has a policy of filing lawsuits or taking other legal actions against farmers who harvest crops that show the presence of the company's patented gene technology. It has sued farmers even when they have tried to keep their own fields free from contamination by biotech plants on neighbouring farms.

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    I think Monsanto knows very well their crops contaminate non GMO crops.

    That's their plan.
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  4. They've already done this with soybeans. I read somewhere that since 1996 GMO soybeans went from around 4% to now over 90%. They employ private investigators to snoop around any farmers not using their seeds and will sue if they find cross-contamination in these farmers even if it is likely from neighboring GMO crop fields. Once Monsanto takes them to court, the small farmer will likely settle out of court to avoid bankruptcy. Their GMO seeds also are programmed with a "Terminator gene" to die after one use so farmers are not allowed to save seeds and must buy new seeds from Monsanto each year. Pure madness with our food officially sanctioned thanks to the US Supreme Court. Thank Clarence Thomas specifically for this monster as he wrote the majority opinion. Thomas was previously employed by Monsanto also... not that I'm implying a connection or anything...:mad:
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