Farewell 2003.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by QdzResurrection, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. For all ET traders, here is a tribute to our memorable days and/or trades in 2003.

    Let me start it. To me, March 13 was a dramatic day which changed the whole market course of 2003. I wish I had realized the significance of this day earlier. That would make me more profit this year. But meanwhile I have to congratulate myself for having luckily realized and accepted the change, not too late. The golden days of making money in a awesome bear market has gone. I must move on as quickly as possible to adapt to the change rather than refuse it. because of this attitude, luck came along with me through 2003. And you know what, it makes me feel that making money in bull market is way too easy.

    I hope I will be all right in 2004. Same to you.


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  3. Do you think all my three predictions have materialized now or will materialize in a few hours?

    + Close 2003 at yearly high, i.e. the highest close of 2003.
    + SP500 1111, if not more.
    + NASDAQ tops 2000.

    I was paid back wonderful anyway. I hope you listened to me and were paid back good as well.

    On the course of 100% up room to go in 2004, election year rarely falls.

  4. Avg gain in the 2 years of election cycle since 1960 is 44%..which could take the SP to 1180 - 1200 in 2004.

    One caveat: The last time you had strong stocks, strong gold, a falling dollar, and a rising rate env. was 1987.

    The 2 year gain into 1988 was a measly 6%.

    either way 04 will be interesting

    Happy New Year,
  5. A wonderful finale. Farewell, 2003.

    I know it is pathetic to post on ET on a new year's eve. But I want to say what I have to say just in time. See you in 2004, 100% up room to go.