Fapturbo Evolution for sale

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Ive got a copy of fapturbo evolution http://www.fapturboevolution.com/ for sale as funds earmarked for this system have been diverted to an property investment that was too good to pass up and im too busy with my stock trading to get into FX trading just yet. You won't find any other copies for sale on the web as they have all sold out.

    It's an automated scalping FX system used on dukascopy platform(the best in the world for FX imo) and is the best selling FX automated system worldwide because it actually works. This software is the advanced version based on the original www.fapturbo.com the original version doesn't work too well because the spreads on MT4 brokers are twice that on dukascopy plus those bucket shops trade against you, whereas duksacopy collate liquidity from the interbank market and provide fair level-playing access.

    I'm selling my copy for $100 below cost for $499, payable via PayPal.

    Please PM me for more details.

  2. oraclewizard77

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    I offer a dirty 25 cent coin that I found on the sidewalk. My offer is only available for 24 hours.

    Please note that while I believe I may be over paying, I still think it is more than you will get from anyone else unless they are retarded enough to buy software that claims to make 66% per month with 96% accuracy since anyone who actually could do that would be able to pay off the national debt of the United States within a year.

    I hope the property you bought was not Florida swamp land, but it probably was.
  3. I offer a swap. I have a ballpoint pen used to sign the Declaration of Independence with Lincoln's initials, fingerprints and a certificate of authenticity issued by Obama's birth cert. administrator.

    I would sell it on eBay for a lot more but I'm too busy, but certainly worth more than the last derisory offer.
  4. oraclewizard77

    oraclewizard77 Moderator

    The Declaration of Independence was signed with quill pens, ballpoint pens were not invented during that time. However, a ballpoint pen is still probably worth more than a dirty quarter, so at this time your offer is still better than mine.

  5. Sorry but you are wrong. I thought the same until I saw the certificate of authenticity and fingerprint evidence.

    I believe this was a BIC prototype. It says BIC on the side so it must be.
  6. One of the less convincing attempts to dump something...

    "It is so valuable, I am investing in real estate instead..."
  7. My thoughts exactly. "It's great, but I've gone back to flipping houses..."
  8. especially when Fap Turbo Evolution didn't work AT ALL. Major issues with it as far I've seen from some people that actually bought it and traded it.