Fantasy Futures

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  4. vinc


    so what's this all about?:confused:
    is the general public expected to take a stand here?
    are we supposed to admire or what?
    it sure looks good..maybe a word of explanation from the op ?
    it would be nice ..
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  6. Please read the OP.

    When you go to an art museum, you are free to view the artwork and express yourself if you wish. Generally the artists are not there to engage you in discussion, but I will have dialogue if appropriate.
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  7. oraclewizard77

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    If you look at his charts, it pretty easy to reverse engineer what hes doing.

    Not a bad system, is it fully automated?
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  8. Working on that now. Going through the debugging phase.
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  9. This thread will be suspended for awhile so I can focus all my attention on completing the auto-trader.

    So far, the beta has confirmed the original results of an 80+% win rate and a profit factor of 1.94 to 1.
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  10. vinc


    Some work of art. Masterpiece. I'll keep admiring. No need for a dialogue as it may interfere or even confuse the reception :D
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