Fantasy Football

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  1. is this football or soccer?
  2. Football. The real football. not that soccer crap.
  3. how is soccer crap/ i think more people in the world play soccer than football. or am i wrong?
  4. You are probably correct. I think it is due to soccer being less of a contact sport than football. Not everyone has what it takes to play football.
  5. I agree soccer isn't as much contact as football but it's an older sport and a more popular sport- but I don't think that has anything to do with contact or not.
  6. You asked why I said soccer was crap. I think it's crap due to lack of physical contact. I don't care about popularity... especially not world wide. In my neck of the woods, we like football.
  7. so just because "in your neck of the woods" a sport is liked, that doesnt make all other sports crap.
  8. What is the password to get in?
  9. Sorry the password is trade123
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