Fantasy Football Sleepers

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  1. Lets see if we can't consolidate some useful insights from a group of statistically minded players here and help our personal
    FF prospects.

    I've got alot more but to start I'll throw out Lamont Jordan. True Maroney starts but this is a later round pick. Belichek had alot of praise for Jordans game after he got him from Oakland ...alot, and if defenses figure out Moss and Welker then the running game will have to take over the Pats high rolling offense.
  2. Pierre Thomas?

    Il Deuce is on shaky knees. Two of 'em, actually.
  3. Dante Stallworth could be a decent pickup at WR depending on depth of the league you are in. Edwards is #1 and Winslow is basically the #2 so Stallworth will probably get the #3/slot role in the high powered Cleveland offense.

    Joe Jurevicius is out w/ injury, so Stallworth can be a good pickup.

    Maybe that's not a sleeper pick, but keep your eye on him either in your draft or if you need a quick WR if he goes undrafted.
  4. Another one is Meachem wr, NO. I read he's been catching everything in camp and has had a nice preseason. I'm taking him late, but sooner than his popularity would warrant.