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What position do you draft in the 1st round?

  1. RB

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  2. QB

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  1. iice74


    QB or RB in first round?

    I always go with an RB in the first round, QB in the second round and depending on the quality of the RBs left, I either take another RB in round 3 or a WR.

    What do you guys do?

  2. The rb first theory is well known by now. I took LT first last year and you know what happened to that. This year I've got first again and I"m thinking Maurice Jones Drew since w/o Taylor he
    should at least not tank. He's a stud and he catches passes too. Its not a lock yet, since I'm considering Peterson or Turner, who I got in the 4th last year with Andre Johnson at the turn around. My next picks are at 24 and 25 so I'll go for best available. If a Calvin Johnson is there I'll take that and if Brandon Jacobs falls I'll take that. Those 2 guys falling would be lucky but I've got a cheat sheet with lists that when it my pick my choice always glares up up me like, "wow, HE'S still on the board". The thing to talk about is who will come outta nowhere, your 3rd wr and I don't discount defenses and kickers as much as most theory does. As for qb, I'm reading alot of hype on Brady not missing a beat from his stature from the last 5 years. Another tactic is look at backup rbs to elite guys to get later after you've filled out your starters. If Adrian Peterson goes down then Chester Taylor is worth a whole lot more than where you got him. And, guys like Driver and Ward may not be glamour picks but they produce consistently year after year and you can get them later then you used to be able to get them.
  3. iice74


    I wish I could tell which order I go in, unfortunately my league (yahoo plus) will display the order 30 mins before the draft begins.

    I like the Maurice Jones Drew pick, I'm going to keep an eye and see how things go. Also Westbrook could be a good candidate but not sure how healthy he is, maybe he can be picked up in the second round.
  4. Yea, I place alot of importance on preseason too, more than most gurus say to. for me Westbook is too injury prone to be my starter I"d take his backup late.
  5. iice74


    What about QBs who are you looking at?

    There is a lot of chatter about Brady being back to 100% but that is rarely the case.

    Drew Brees usually has amazing fantasy seasons, he racks up a lot of yards fast but is also prone to a lot of interceptions.

    I've considered Rivers as my first QB, but not sure if he is really a worth picking up in the beginning. (I'm from San Diego)

    Other choice for me is McNabb.

    I've had a lot of bad luck with Rothlesberger in the past, so I usually skip pass him.

    Flaco? too young?
  6. Every time I watch Flacco I think, this guy is good. I'd take him as my backup qb. I'll take a qb early enough to at least get Aaron Rodgers. Problem with Flacco is he doesn't have anybody to throw to ...but somehow he's still impressive. I wonder how much Brees's mothers passing will affect his game. Had him last year and he was terrific. Burgers off the field problems will have me avoiding him ...I dunno, if he's there late enough ( ...theres always that). When I pick second and third its back to back 24 and 25 so I've got the luxury of getting another decent skill position and a top shelf qb. If I can't get Peyton or Brees there then I'll wait another 24 picks on, if I"m lucky, Warner or Rivers.
    You do have a magazine right ...gotta have one. I've used Fantasy Football Index for years now.