Fantastic vegetarian dishes!!

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  1. ...........................................:D
  2. very funny-not :D
  3. now THIS is a fantastik vegetarian meal...


    add a nice sesame seed vinaigrette
    don't get no better than this!:cool:

  4. Banjo


    Rabbit food , wolves will eat them after they fatten up on that plate of garbage.

    Are you a wolf or a rabbit.
  5. didn't you claim to be a vegertarian?

    i'm a wolf in sheep's clothing baa baa :D
  6. Personally I prefer my avocado peeled before shoving it into my mouth. Similar to wanting the skin taken off my cow before I eat it.
  7. Why? Perhaps you aren't aware that most of the nutrients reside in the "peel"?

    as for the cow there ain't no part of that that's worth eating

  8. Lucrum


    Except for the dairy SpilltheSunshine told me this was sorta vegetarian.
  9. it certainly is ALL sh^t

    that's a loosers meal :D
  10. [​IMG]
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