Fantastic Quote From Cnbc Just Now

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  1. the guy they was just interviewing on the floor after the numbers came out and said and i quote

    'the stock market was always gonna go up whatever the numbers were - the danger is here is that we have a melt up'.

    a melt up.

    what the f..k is a melt up.

    someone get me some puts quickly.
  2. I thought this one from Marketwatch was better:

    Dow surges as data points to U.S. economic slowdown


    Yes, he is just one of many referring to a melt-up, basically opposite of melt-down. I suppose they all expect a spike to get all the retail traders/investors on board a train only to later fade it on some news/data that has previously failed to change direction of markets.

    I will be looking at daily MACD Histogram, but I doubt that it will be any good if there is a melt-up coming up.
  4. Crazy isn't it? Must get some proshares and quick!

    DOG seems to be as good as any
  5. S2007S


    yep i heard the same thing as well.

    this is not a healthy market!!!
  6. S2007S


    Did you see that GDP figure, that is just pathetic. How a market continues to rally while these economy slows to a halt is beyond me.
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    I don't know why people are so confused about the stock market rallying while the economy is bottoming. You need to read up on the relationship between the economic cycle and the stock market cycle. As for buying puts people have been saying that on ET all the way up and where has it got them?
  8. all of the people in this thread that can't figure out why the markets are going up when there is so much bad news have their heads up their asses.


    Less supply means the price intrinsically goes higher. All the M&A over the past few years has taken a bit over 1 Trillion USD of market cap out of the US markets.

    If you are focusing on the markets going higher and prices of equities rising, you are a lemming.

    Please tell me you guys can follow the rest of the breadcrumbs for yourselves....
  9. Thanks to the genius nations that have no growth model other than export stuff to the US consumer every country wants to devaule faster than the dollar. Weak currencies are great for exports, just as Japan and China. The problem is that the US consumer is finally slowing and may slow for a while, but rather than actually let currency appreciation happen or make concrete political reforms to spur consumption. The ROW is going to continue to keep this going until there is an accident. FCB reserves are going parabolic in order to keep this thing going. Anyone who thinks that the world is about to decouple from the US consumer is flat out wrong and those EM markets are going to find out the hard way.
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    Gentle Ben just might adjust rates before next meeting. I can hear the shorts squealing now.:D
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