Fannie, Freddie CEOs May Receive $6 Million for 2009

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    Nice. If I'm not mistaken, their losses were around $120 billion over the last two years and they took about $110 billion in taxpayer money ($60B for Fannie and $50B for Brother Freddie). I guess excessie CEO pay is all relative to whom the Obamunists label "greedy capitalists."
  2. pspr


    How do you get one of those jobs? I'm sure I couldn't do any worse.
  3. spinn


    You think its easy to lose $240,000,000 a day???

    that takes some serious dedication.
  4. S2007S


    So even after you fuck up you still receive millions of dollars, something is very backwards here. This is one fucked up situation.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's the "C" word: connections. Certainly not that other "C" word, "credentials."
  6. :D Good one - still chuckling :D