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  1. Updated: Jan. 21, 2007, 11:55 AM ET
    Teacher has baby early so hubby can watch Bears
    Associated Press

    CHICAGO -- Chicago school teacher Colleen Pavelka knows how much her husband loves the Bears. Apparently, she loves him even more.

    Colleen chose to have the birth of their second child induced a few days early so Mark Pavelka could attend Sunday's NFC Championship showdown between the Bears and the New Orleans Saints.

    The baby was due Monday. But when Colleen went in for an appointment Friday afternoon, her doctors told her she could opt for an early delivery. She decided to do so.

    After nearly six hours of labor, 8-pound, 9-ounce Mark Patrick Pavelka was born Friday night.

    Colleen Pavelka plans to catch the game on the plasma screen TV in her hospital room, while baby Mark Patrick is bundled up in the Bears receiving blanket his grandmother bought him for Christmas.
  2. To put things in perspective:

    This from the Mayo Clinic's website:

    Why would I need an induction?

    Your health care provider may induce labor for various reasons — primarily when there's concern for your health or your baby's health. For example:

    * You're one to two weeks beyond your due date, and labor hasn't started naturally.
    * Your water has broken, but you're not having contractions.
    * There's an infection in your uterus.
    * Your baby has stopped growing at the expected pace.
    * There's not enough amniotic fluid surrounding the baby.
    * Your placenta has begun to deteriorate or separate from the wall of your uterus.
    * You have a medical condition that may put you or your baby at risk, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
    * The Bears or Cubs actually have a chance to go to the Super Bowl or World Series, respectively.
  3. 9999


    So much for family values.
  4. Glad to see their priorities are in order. :(
  5. there was a nother story about a baby in a oven today. not the urban myth one - a real one.

    fucking sickos....