Famous option traders

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  1. Who are they? Does Cohen still trade options?
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  2. At least two on this board have told me in PMs that they know more about options than anyone else on ET. Perhaps they want to nominate themselves.
  3. lol, I would like to hear who they are, so please share.
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    what exactly is a famous options trader?
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    probably better to ask for famous option trading firms. which there are a few that really innovated
  7. You are one, and I believe I am supposed to be the other. I sent him a series of PMs to try to help and get him to understand his dilemma better. I gave him suggestions as to how he could get beyond the debate as to whether he has been truthful with his track record and accounting, and get back to the important debate of whether people should be teaching noobs to sell OTM options every month. I mentioned to him, because of the jobs I have had over the last two decades, I assume I have more experience with selling OTM options than most anyone here. I was honestly trying to help him and his 1 lot trading, but he ended up just going crazy and attacking me.

    I made it clear that I don’t care what or how he does anything, I just figured I would see if I could help him. It was a waste of time other than the fact that I have confirmed he is a fraud and apparently suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. The paranoia is obvious to anyone who has communicated with him, and the fraud is because the very first trade a looked at from his list of trades turned out to be a spread that actually went in the money and he must have been down in the neighborhood of 30% but he just ignored it and got lucky because the market came back so he claimed a 5% winner. It is easy to have a good track record when you don’t use a stop or just ignore it when it seems convenient – it will just come back to haunt you when the big move finally happens.
  8. Often those firms had one person driving them.

    Peterffy --> Timber Hill
    Yass --> Susquehanna
  9. Which is why most of us had Howard on ignore within a week of his showing up here. You were a little slow picking up on that.
  10. I have a considerably different take on our PMs. I wont debate them in the open as it is discourteous to the OP. Anyone wishing details may PM me and we can dialog off line.
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