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  1. One study I read on failure was the paralysis of indecision that accompanies failure. People fail, lose confidence in the ability to trust their decisions and stop or quit. The key is to make succesive decisions, adjusting the results of each outcome until the desired goal is achieved.

    Think of any success you've had, they are often the result of "keep moving" make "another decision". The rolling stone gathers no moss as it rolls downhill.:D
  2. That is so true! I was paralyzed for awhile after my last failure. I was so paralyzed and disoriented that I scaped my whole strategy. Now looking back from a fresher mindset, I realized the assumption behind my strategy was sound and that my mistake was just getting overly aggressive.

    I hope that others will realized what "failure" could do to them as well and have the strength to endure and breakfree from the paralysis.

  3. when you are in the box, you can not get out of the box.

    failure is failure, that is the reality. the only thing you can do is break the box and make a new one
  4. I'd like to add one more thought about the video and offer up my motto. When you are trying to achieve your goals most often we ask family and friends, teachers, etc their opinions of our ideas. These are the wrong people to ask.

    "If you want to get to OZ, you have to ask someone who has been there"

    I'm sure if Michael Jordan would have asked an MVP what he thought he would have gotten a much different answer, same holds true in any profession. Why would I place any value on the opinion of a teacher if I were planning to be an inventor? I would seek out an inventor. Why would I ask my dad if I can be a rock star? He was a truck driver.

    I thought this a very touching rememberance of a father daughter conversation.
    Roseanne Cash had dreams and told them to her father. Johnny Cash told her to learn all you can about whatever is you dream to be. Simple. Inspirational and motivational words.
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    Those stories are not about failure. They are about trying and trying again.

    Trying is not what most risk. Certainly trying again (and may be again and again) is for a narrow few. One failure, if even trying that once, whips the ass of the victim for good and all. And we all love to see the poor asshole go down. If you're one of the zillions of drones, then examples of failure justify your caution. If you're a winner on your own high perch, you cannot but fail feel smug about rivals for success in your field or any other, biting the dust.

    Human nature. What more can I tell you?
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  7. Mark Cuban has a blog and he had a quote on there that stuck with me. He said being an entrepreneur is the only vocation he knows of where you only have to win once. You can fail 100 times, just have to win once and you've made it.
  8. How many people were able to walk successfully the first time they tried?

    LOL, hidden within every failure is the seed to your success. :cool:

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