family wireless network , safe or not £¿

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by joesan, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Hi, I work in a 10 square study in my home from 8am-4pm during the day . I have a wireless router of IEEE 802.11g standard ( compatible with IEEE802.11b standard) running 24X7 in this room. I do not stay in the study all time during the trading session but I do use the (notebook + wireless network ) a lot in my home, I thought it is all right but today someone told me there is evidence that electromagnetic radiation from these router/wireless modem will be dangerous to the body. I do some research on net but can not find overwhelming evidence, can someone enlighten me whether it is OK to use wireless routers/notebook with wireless network modem in the house ?
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    well....lets put it this way

    it will kill you over long long term

    smart asses here will say "oh you don't know physics, energy output of radio waves on those devices is too low, why even cell phones have higher energy output"

    well those guys don't know shit, but they think they do

    progress is made when people start dying and changes are made

    by the way, I am wireless hacker, how is your security

    if you use only standard lock up without encryption, you are an open book to those like me.
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    Well, I use 128-encription, no SSID broadcasting and mac address filtering in my wireless router, hope this can be of help when you try to establish connection. :)
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    Use WPA2 with AES+TKIP, and you should be fine for almost anything. DO NOT USE WEP! MAC filtering can be gotten around, and not broadcasting SSID really doesn't mean much.

    Unless you're NSA, or other sophisticated hacker, no one is going to break AES+TKIP, especially in real-time. Even NSA would have a hard time breaking into AES+TKIP. Of course the less random/complex your key is, the easier it would be to break in.
  5. Staying in the place to trade is bad, hate sitting at the same place 9 to 4...

    Why not a monitor spliter and just set up 2 or 3 more monitors in the louge, so you can see the trade getting set up and run like a mad man back to the study to trade it?

    That's what I came to, as I am planning to move...

    Forget wireless, last thing you want is another problem on your hands.
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    I do not use wireless in trading, only FTTB/ADSL broadband . From early this year, I have introduced ATS into my trading, so now I do not even have to stay in the study to monitor my trades. All my Nikkei and HSI trades are executed by the machine automatically,that's why I am staying out of the study longer now and much more chance of using a notebook with wireless network connection to browse internet and do research.

  7. Also, be sure not to swallow too much saliva. They say that swallowing saliva for about 70 or 80 years causes death.
  8. Hi Joesan,

    how do you find the slippage of the ATS with HSI?
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    Depends on the strategies you are using, but I would say averagely 2-3 points currently,last year 1-2 points. This year the additional volatility well compensates the slippage.