Family Responsibility

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    Would it have made any difference in the huge fraud cases recently if there was collective responsibility from family members ?

    I would say yes. The likelyhood of a family member blowing the whistle would be much more likely. That would get them off the hook.

    The other members of the fraudster's family are usually given handsome presents and lots of money in return for at least looking the other way.
    The parents know only too well if their children are growing up to be fully fledged members of the criminal underworld. Shouldn't they have taught their children NOT to be criminals ?

    Junior might have gone to an expensive jail but they are often enjoying the proceeds
  2. Shouldn't they have taught their children NOT to be criminals ?

    You can teach kids pretty much anything you want, but they learn by example.

    Dad is blowing through red lights, while preaching to his son safe driving habits, doesn't work out too well.
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    Are you saying the kids will turn out like their parents ?
    Perhaps with a bit of stick and carrot they could do a bit better or to put it another way - not so badly ?
  4. A friend of mine has 2 sons. One is an officer in the Air Force, has a PHD, and owns a successful business. The other has been in and out of jail for the last 2 decades.

    They're 3 years apart and were raised the same way. You can only raise your kids to be valuable members of society up to a certain point. The rest is up to them.