Family has negative perception about trading

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  1. stop losing money and make money.
    End of problem.
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  2. If wifey doesnt like trading:

    Either change wifey:) or change career:(

    Seriously, your only real option is to find a full time job and trade
    as a serious hobby. If the timing is a problem then day trade
    currencies or the far eastern markets. Or consider swing trading
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  3. Cheese


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  4. Your income is unstable, that's if you're actually profitable. Your experience is near worthless and a blackmark on your resume. Your edge can dissapear in a matter of 24 hours, just ask the ex-bullet monkeys. So you have to at least see their point. Your best argument to say that trading is the only thing you're passionate about and you do not want to hate your life working 9-5 for some corporation.

    Only thing I really agree with when the opponents of trading is that essentially daytraders and even swing traders produce nothing, they just sell air back and forth to each other. Nothing more than maggots on society, just like bankers, brokers, Ibankers, exec & middle management, etc. Hey I was a daytrader and will be one again, but then looking across the landscape of US jobs, a small percentage of corporations & business produce anything anymore, we just try to sell each other smth, grab a commission and reach into the next guy's pocket. So you can say that if you're gonna just another guy squeezing out money for producing nothing, at least you're gonna be ur own boss.
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