Family Feud on ET

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TM_Direct, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. what's the best feud going here on ET???

    it seems like there are some serious fights going on...
  2. The new neverending pissing contest is between DBPhoenix and Scientist. Thats the cat fight du jour...
  3. ...I also forgot

    MAGNA vs INANDLONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  4. Vote for me:)
  5. I had to vote for max and error......i mean. those guys actually have gone to great lenghts to annoy one another and there may even be a court order don't get more bitter then that
  6. one way to make friends is to be willing to make enemies.
  7. ElCubano


    1st place)

    Optional777 and that was a and all.

    Optional was trying to uncover the real "DON" ( the pull the wool over the newbies eyes Don) , but "THE TEFLON DON" came out victorious....

    2nd place)

    Max401 and RS7........ This was an all out no holds barred fight...with no winner... only alot of fluff....kinda like WWF...

  8. Once again , your logic escapes me...

    But I think we've buried the hatchet...although, im not having drinks with you anytime soon
  9. you're just not on my level, dude. you try hard, though. :p

    the logic is, if i am willing to state opinions that some may disagree with, i should also gain support from those who agree with me.

    look at the religion debates, for example. axeman is willing to state his opinion while many disagree with him. i happen to agree with axeman, therefore i consider him more of an ET friend than most people here.

    you could take it further, too. for example, say i was running for president and only ET is the population--the only voters are ET people. one approach might be to try to remain peaceful with the most members, while also maybe taking a strong stance against a few people disliked by many--for example, dbphoenix. :p
  10. dbphoenix


    That's usually the case. Which is why it's silly to get all worked up over an argument with some stranger on an internet message board.
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