Familiar with this techique?

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  1. Called "fishnet".

    I love it :)
  2. Interesting...where can we find information?
  3. agrau


  4. looks like a good setup for turning $ into chopped sushi..

  5. Looks like what Charles Cottle was describing to me 2yr ago. I'm not sure of his exact formula, but that's how he described it's appearance. I think his used volume crossed with a couple other filters. Cool looking none the less.

    What is the basis for the formula?
  6. ... looks like a set of MAs with different parameters
  7. Ebo


    How does this "Fish Net" make you money?
    It looks cool to hang on the wall.
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    just increase/decrease the setting you get the 'net' the smaller increase the finer the net
  9. nkhoi


    s/r level found where the net folded
  10. Ebo



    It really works.
    I just scalped 7 ES Points.
    I caught 'em in my net.
    I am gonna set it to auto fish a few other contracts!
    This is great.
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