falwell is dead

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  1. praise allah.
    praise allah.
    he is now with hitler and lucifer.
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    when you say praise allah are you worshiping the main God that was worshiped in Mecca at the time your prophet started getting his "visions".

    or are you saying praise to the God of the Jewish bible - the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob.
  3. Finally it happened! Maybe there is a god...
  4. Oh happy days!:D
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  6. You people disgust me. You're rejoicing that a man died? Fuck all of you.
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    BBC, Dateline May 15 2007

    Teletubbies member Tinky Winky issued a statement today on the passing of Jerry Fallwell. 'I have to confess, Rev Falwell was correct. I am a homosexual, and my true goal on teletubbies was to promote my lifestyle to infants in their formative years. I would like to announce also, that I am Jewish, and the anti-Chirst. Rev Falwell was your last chance. You mocked him, and now you're mine. Rev Falwell is the only worthy adversary I ever had '
  8. falwell was a pig. he was the beast. now he's back with his master, satan.
  9. hellrider praises O.J. because he murdered two white people, and to top it off, provides us with such kind words for Mr. Falwell. You are a true gentlemen hellrider. Peace be with you.

    R.I.P. Jerry.
  10. My sentiments-my words, bro.

    I was trying to contain my outrage at these asswipes.

    A man of peace died today. He will be honored and remembered by millions.

    I had a terrific day trading today but now I feel awful. A part of what makes America great has left us too soon.....
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