‘False Peace’ for Markets? A Trader Is Betting Millions on It

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  1. toc


    Seems this gentleman is betting huge on VIX. Is it right to bet huge on single instrument while running a fund?
  2. DeltaRisk


    The risk for a fund if ran properly, is the exchange. You can figure your edge, scale it properly, establish connections, and still get shafted by the exchange.

    You can manage billions and still get hurt, it's all a matter of whom you know.
    Clearing firms are fantastic, but they abide by rules. Exchange chairman on the other hand....
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  3. There's nothing wrong with most of the stuff he talks about... However, he's definitely lost me with the whole "volatility is the instrument of truth" schtick.
  4. Agree that his perspective is bit of a schtick, but in order to translate an esoteric subject such as trading volatility derivatives to a relatively unsophisticated audience there needs to be a compelling narrative - like all industrialized academic work.