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  1. How do you think trading is going to change in the future due to the current situation. Do you think any new regulation will have any effect on independent traders. Is anyone worried.

    sorry I cant find the question mark on this crappy french laptop...
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    I am slightly worried as the radical scaremongers talk about banning shorting, transaction fees, Tobin tax, shutting down exchanges etc.

    I've always figured that there would be something to trade somewhere in the world, so I could always find something to profit at.

    I think we'll be fine, but you never know.
  3. Perhaps those on here screaming "short every rally" and posting non-stop doom-and-gloom should take a breather...for their own self-preservation.

  4. The French keyboard is the most screwed up keyboard I've ever seen. The most used keys require alt combinations that make it impossible to use.

    I map my keys to US International. I touch type so I don't look, but it really annoys my French coworkers when they try to use my computer.
  5. Have you guys watched Nicolas Sarkozy on CSPAN at all? It gives me the chills a little when he talks about getting speculators out of the market. He just seems really really pissed about it.
  6. Of course he's pissed. Like many politicians, this will effectively destroy his chance for any re-election.
  7. He had a bad experience with the Société Generale trader, and then recently some traders of another bank lost 600 million and it was a small bank that didn't even do loans, all they do is basic savings accounts!

    France is way too socialist. Their answer is going to be to socialize the trading profession. I hate to imagine a bunch of fonctionnaires trading. :)

    I was thinking if the US makes rules that make it unfavorable, then we could trade the DAX. But Germany is socialist too. And Asian markets are a bit too volatile for me. I'm in the midst of a career change to become full time trader. I hope the governments don't screw it up for me. I don't want to go back to programming..